Rouven Krauer Clinic

Groundwork and Horsemanship Clinic with Rouven Krauer


Swiss-American horseman Rouven Krauer is back in Scotland for what will be this third clinic at Blackford Glen.


The clinic will take the format of one-to-one sessions, and you may book as many sessions for you and your horse(s) as you wish, providing there are still free slots available.


Rouven’s focus is on groundwork and working on your partnership with your horse, teaching various behavioural and communication techniques, and you are free to choose what you would like to work on in your session(s).


Session topics can include:

-Getting (more) familiar with working in the roundpen / advanced work in the roundpen

– Partner-up with your horse / learning how to create a relationship between human and horse

-Taking things further in the roundpen with double lunging, working with the horse at liberty, etc

– Advanced double-lunging in the arena: obstacles, stop, turn, back up and transition with finesse

-Starting young horses

-Working with “problem” horses: The session can be spent working on a particular “problem” you might have with your horse (on the ground or ridden)


The clinic is suitable for those with young horses who would like to get them used to a clinic environment and for those who are only just starting out on their horsemanship journey and are keen to not only further their riding, but also their understanding of horses and how to communicate with them and be around them. Rouven also particularly enjoys working with “problem” horses and horses with behavioural issues.


Rouven has worked with horses all his life. He lived in America for 15 years and spent several of them working for Monty Roberts. His remarkable journey of equine exploration has included performing with horses in the circus, packing horses for the Swiss army, endurance racing, certification as a therapeutic riding instructor for people with disabilities, working with wild mustangs, starting feral horses in the jungles of Malaysia, participating in the Extreme Mustang Makeover, and even touring with Monty Roberts throughout the U.S.


Spaces are limited, so please get in touch through our contact page as soon as possible if you’d like to book in.