Events – John Fyfe
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  • 2019 Events

    • APRIL 6th (Sat): Play Day
    • APRIL 27th (Sat): Play Day
    • MAY 16th – 19th (Thu – Sun): BOB MAYHEW Clinic
    • JUNE 1st (Sat): Play Day
    • JUNE 23rd (Sun): AQHA Caledonian Show at SNEC
    • JULY 12th – 14th (Fri – Sun): BOB MAYHEW Clinic
    • JULY 27th & 28th (Sat & Sun): GLEN AMPLE Trail Riding Weekend
    • AUGUST 10th (Sat): Play Day
    • AUGUST 31st (Sat): Play Day
    • SEPTEMBER 22nd (Sun): WES Scottish National Show at Howe
    • OCTOBER 12th (Sat): Play Day
    • CANCELLATION POLICY: All clinic fees must be paid upfront in full to guarantee your space. Cancellations made less than two weeks before the event cannot be refunded unless we manage to fill your space at such short notice.